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General Usage and Characteristics

Strong bonding of abrasives and the latest derivative of the first computer designed R7-3 matrix exhibiting 20% to 30% longer blade life and improved cut quality. Designed for materials such as ceramics and crystalline materials where high throughput is desired.


Weaker bonding of abrasives for where high cut quality is desired as in materials such as glass, sapphire, pyrex, lithium tantalate, lithium niobate, quartz, etc. where the cutting forces during dicing consistently exposes sharp new diamond edges in order to maintain quality of cut. This matrix is the latest derivative of the RU7-3.


Same as the RU-3 bond except this matrix exhibits 1/3 of the diamond concentration. Best used where the highest quality of cut is desired and feed rates are not enough to guarantee the self-sharpening characteristics of the resin bonded blade due to light cutting forces on the individual diamond particles. This matrix is the latest derivative of the RU7-1.


Strong bonding of abrasives used primarily for metals utilizing boron nitride rather than diamond abrasives. This matrix replaces the AMR7-3.

QF Series

Developed for the dicing on epoxy/metal substrates such as those used in QFN. Matrix is extended long life and designed for high throughput

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