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Thermocarbon-Manufactured High Quality Dicing Blade Flanges

Flanges and Spacers While most end users will take considerable steps in assuring the rigidity of the machine they purchase, they may overlook the critical mounting requirements, such as the flanges and spacers, necessary for the diamond blade. No matter how well the diamond blade was manufactured to run true, it can only run as accurately as the surfaces it comes into contact with. The bearing surfaces of the flanges or spacers must be flat, clean, and parallel.

Thermocarbon offers a wide range of standard blade flanges and spacers to fit all dicing saws and conventional sawing equipment. Our flanges and spacers conform to exacting specifications to ensure that you get the highest performance from your diamond blades.

Thermocarbon offers the following Flanges and Spacers:

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Why Thermocarbon Is The Best:
Our Flanges and Spacers Are Designed for Longer Blade Life
The most frequent cause of blade breakage and oversize cut widths with relation to blade thickness is improper flange torque or poor flange quality. Thermocarbon"s precision dicing blade flanges and spacers are constructed of the highest quality stainless steel and are also available in other materials upon request. They are machined in our own modern tool manufacturing facility to exact specifications that ensure parallelism, proper blade exposure, balance, and precise bearing surfaces.

Our demanding specifications ensure:
  • Minimal edge chipping and kerf
  • High dicing blade life and free cutting performance
  • Even cut quality
Maintenance and Repair For
All Flanges and Spacers
Thermocarbon provides maintenance and repair for all dicing blade flanges and spacers in order to support your efforts in achieving consistent high quality standards for your wafer cutting and dicing operations.

Metal Dicing Blade Spacer
Thermocarbon also offers as a stock item the MBS-063 Metal Dicing Blade Spacer for use on desktop dicing saws using both the resinoid and metal bonded type dicing blades. The MBS-063 eliminates the need to readjust dicing blade coolant nozzles and scope positions when alternating between the two types of dicing blades

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